Lawrence C. Chesler


Mr. Chesler has worked in the retail fuel oil and propane industry in Southeastern Connenticut since 1979. Larry became president of Spicer Plus, Inc in 1988. Spicer delivers propane and installs propane equipment, delivers heating oil, and operates two convenience stores. Under his stewardship, Spicer Plus has grown into a successful enterprise with over 40 full time employees in Southeastern Connecticut and Southern Rhode Island.


Prior to his career in the retail energy business, Mr. Chesler practiced law. After graduating from Bowling Green State University in 1967 with a Marketing Major, he attended and graduated from Suffolk Law School in 1971. He was hired out of law school by the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of General Counsel and moved to Washington for four years. In 1975, Mr. Chesler came back to Southeastern Connecticut to work for the Law Firm of O'Brien, Shafner, Garvey, Bartnick, Stuart & Kelly with a focus on commercial and administrative law.